Tv show "Nemanjici"
Miroslav misic e09 s11 k01 zamak noc 01
Miroslav misic e11 s31 k02 skoplje 01
Miroslav misic e11 s23 k01 sveti sava 01
Miroslav misic e12 s23 k01 manastir 01
Miroslav misic e11 s12 k06 kotor 01
Miroslav misic e02 s10 k05 kuca jezero 01

Concept Art and Matte Painting for a Serbian Tv show "Nemanjici"
Its a historical show about the middle ages of the Serbian kingdom.
I learned a lot during this project working at Digital Kraft here in Belgrade. Great colleagues and a fun atmosphere.

These images are altered compared to the TV files.